Organics Scalp

Purified Skin Peeling


Neem and Sunflower and Grapefruit Seeds


Delicate peeling milk, cleanses and regenerates the scalp by exfoliating it gently. Thanks to Neem oil and Sunflower extracts it has a good balancing effect.

This product is formulated with a high concentration of vegetal substances and essential oils. It’s free of substances of petrochemical origin, DEA, SLES, Parabens, Formaldehyde.


How to use:

apply it on the scalp with wet or dry hair, then massage it accurately. Rinse carefully and proceed with the shampoo. It is advisable to make this treatment once a week.


Additional Info

  • CONTENT: 12 tube of 0,5 fl. oz. each
  • SKU: 01PL/010
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