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For your body, choose the nature

ORGANICS PHARM born in the 2015 from the decennial experience in body and hair care of his founders. An exclusive product line made with certified ingredients grown with techniques of biological and biodinamic agricolture. Every Organics Pharm cosmetic, contains hight concentrations of pure essential oils extracts from tree and flowers in according with the oldest and traditionals harvesting tecniques, so to obtains a product with 100% natural ingredients.

The full range of Organics Pharm products, is suitable to any kind of hair and skin. The therapeutic effect, the aromas and the colors that feature each essence, are preserved without the use of chemical additives, thus solving the problem of overly aggressive and harmful products. Choosing ORGANICS PHARM means put first the body wellness.

ORGANICS PHARM belive in a sustainable production chain, that starts from the agricolture and come to the final customer, to develop a responsable business model. We take care of our body by taking care of our planet.

Our history starts in the 1972, with a family beauty salon. An experience changed our way to look at the cosmetics product: the loss of our father at 52 years old due to leukemia. Many American studies about leukemia agree that the products containing ingredients of petrochemical source can trigger the sickness, from this come the idea to realize a products line with natural ingredients. not like the others, but chic.

We have chosen certified organics ingredients and the perfume for the best product possible.

Alessandro and Alberto Lievore
founders of MY.ORGANICS


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